Each day, Parent University equips families to become more involved in their children’s education. Through 100 different classes offered on school campuses, over 1,600 parents learn how to support their child’s literacy, gain computer skills, improve their English, and connect with other parents through hands-on and health and nutrition classes each year. Classes are designed and taught by school principals, teachers, community partners and parents themselves. As parents complete classes, they gain opportunities to become trained so that they may assist in or teach classes themselves. 

**Parent University is not an accredited educational institution. Successful completion of the program does not result in the presentation of a widely recognized certification or degree**


Parent University creates a learning environment for parents where they can take an array of classes that will help them gain critical skills in order to be more effective parents and leaders at school and in the community.  


Parent University offers courses in four areas: 

  •  Understanding the School System - Examples of classes include: How to have a parent/teacher conference; How to understand test scores; How to help my child transition to kindergarten
  • Wellness for the Entire Family - Examples of classes include: Healthy and cost effective meals; Exercise and stress reduction strategies; Knowing the signs of depression and accessing mental health services
  • Capacity Building - Examples of classes include: English as a Second Language; Technology; Citizenship preparation
  • Parent Leadership - Examples of classes include: How to run a school event; How to become a classroom captain; How to be an effective member of the school site council; How to recruit other parents